Plane Verti s.r.o. =precision, top quality work and we start where others no longer want.“

Our company Plane Verti has built a proven and high-quality supplier position in the aerospace and prototype industry. We build on the high expertise, skills and experience of our team, as well as on modern technologies, which creates the preconditions for further growth of competitiveness and quality of production in order to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Obrábění kompozitních materiálů a rozměrných dílců


Here is a small sample of our work.



  • production of complicated shaped parts from composite materials, especially for development workplaces of manufacturers for the aerospace and other industries
  • machining of prototype engine blocks and components from non-traditional materials and alloys
  • machining of sandwich, heterogeneous materials with high machining efficiency
  • production of other complex machine parts to order
  • collaboration on the development and testing of tools for machining heterogeneous materials

We own CNC milling machines for three-axis and multi-axis machining of parts for one clamping and programming hardware and software.

Our customers are development departments of aircraft manufacturers and others.

We transfer manufacturing discipline and precision, which is primarily required for the aerospace industry, to all our products and not only to provide a high level of quality to all our other customers. Our components are mounted on aircraft



We own three-axis and multi-axis machining centers with the possibility of adding a 6th rotary axis. We do not have a lathe.

We are able to machine parts with dimensions up to 8000x2200x1200 mm on one clamping. We use a 5-axis machining center with the option of adding a sixth rotary axis.

We machine all aluminum alloys, including aviation. We do not machine steel and cast iron. We focus mainly on composite and sandwich materials.

Our production is located in the village of Bolehošť, which is a 20-minute drive from Hradec Králové. Detailed address and map can be found here.

We will answer all questions by calling +420 602 562 020 or email Detailed address and map can be found here.

Plane Verti - obrábění kompozitních materiálů a rozměrných dílců až 6000 mmm
SOMA Flexotiskové stroje, které se vypořádají s výzvami

If we have a problem, we try to solve it and we are not looking for excuses!



The pilot program of our company is 5-axis milling of components into ultra-light aircraft. We are also involved in machining parts for the aerospace and marine development center.

The domain of Plane Verti is multi-axis machining of materials made of many heterogeneous materials, eg carbon - steel - aluminum - brass ... all combined into one sandwich.

Following many years of experience, we are able to handle the demanding processes of machining these materials from the perspective of tools. Throughout our existence we have been maintaining a high level of quality not only in aircraft parts, but also in the development of prototype parts for the automotive and shipbuilding industries. In these areas we rank among the major subcontractors for both the Czech and foreign markets.

Obrábění kompozitních materiálů a rozměrných dílců